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Annual Fire Safety Statement

Most business premises need an Annual Fire Safety Statement. Your Council reminder notice will let us know when your inspection(s) and AFSS is due, we will also give a date by which the inspection(s) must be completed to avoid having penalties imposed.



Design fire protection systems in congruence with Fire Safety Strategy of the project.

  • NCC Compliant
  • Great Support
  • Latest modelling software
  • CFD capability


Identify the best suited equipment and procure the same in a cost-effective manner.

  • AS1851 compliant
  • Great support
  • WHS practices
  • 48hr turnaround

Install & Commission

Install the fire protection systems and commission them as per the fire strategy and statutory Norms.

  • Test (UX) tTesting
  • 5th Edition ISO
  • ISO9001 equivalent system
  • Professional Development Process

Maintenance and AFSS

Our Team of fire experts are qualified, experienced and accredited engineers and technicians with in-depth knowledge of the diverse facets of fire protection equipment and allied systems suitable for the Australia environment and their compliance with the prescribed building code maintain the systems and make independent annual assessments for AFSS.

We are
Fire Safety

We are competent fire safety practitioners specialising in inspection, testing and certification of existing fare safety facilities. We also design, procure, install and commission fire safety systems in new buildings in accordance with the statutory regulations meeting all the complaince requirements. Our personnel are accredited fire safety practitioners and efficiently perform the fire safety assessment functions required by the regulation and certify that each essential fire safety measure and exit system is capable of performing to an appropriate standard as specified in the fire safety schedule of the building.

FAQ (??)

Who do the requirements for annual fire safety statements apply to?

The requirements apply to the owners of buildings that contain essential fire safety measures and are required by the Regulation to issue an annual fire safety statement each year and provide a copy to the local council and Commissioner of Fire and Rescue NSW.

What is an annual fire safety statement?

The annual fire safety statement is a document issued each year by the building owner or their agent. The statement documents the assessment and inspection of each existing essential fire safety measure and the exit systems serving the building. It also certifies that each of the measures is capable of performing to an appropriate standard (specified in the fire safety schedule for the building).

What is a fire safety schedule?

A fire safety schedule specifies each of the essential fire safety measures that apply to the building premises, such as portable fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, fire sprinklers and smoke alarms. The essential fire safety measures installed will vary for each building. The schedule also specifies the minimum standard of performance to which each of the measures must be designed, installed and capable of operating.

Do you need endorsement of fire safety practitioner on the AFSS Form?

The annual fire safety statement must contain details of each competent fire safety practitioner who endorsed the statement. In endorsing the statement, the competent fire safety practitioner could sign the form. Alternatively, the competent fire safety practitioner could attach a separate document that confirms their endorsement of the contents of full or parts of the annual fire safety statement they have been involved in inspecting and assessing.

What we do

We Inspect your
Fire Protection

We inspect the essential fire safety measures such as fire extinguishers, hydrants, fire sprinklers, alarms etc., at client’s premises within the prescribed regulatory framework issued by the authorities.

We Assess your
Fire Protection

We assess each fire safety measure against specified the minimum standard of performance to which each of the measures must be designed, installed and capable of operating and advise/do the needful to ensure it.

We Endorse your
Annual Fire Safety

As competent and accredited fire safety practitioners we help the client in preparing their Annual Fire Safety statement (AFSS) with our endorsement/ certification as required by statutory regulations.

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Annual Fire Safety Statement

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